Frankensteiner Live Event & New Shamoozal Radio

2009-10-03 16:38:42 by Shamoozal

Hey guys, been a while since I posted anything new. Sorry, no new word on the next GFGames... to be honest, I haven't even had chance to come up with a new script yet since "How to Hook Up the NES." It's okay, I'll get working soon, I promise!

In the meantime, at the end of Oct (the 24th, a Saturday), I'll be doing a live stream of the creation of a new Frankensteiner short. For those that don't know, Frankensteiner was a segment I came up with for Crapfest Force a few years back and it turned out that a lot of people ended up liking that scene. Last year I did a live stream of a new Frankensteiner short but the deal was that it was created entirely with Mario Paint for the SNES. I uploaded both of them as a compilation to Newgrounds when all was said and done, where it was rightfully swept under the carpet. :) So anyway, I'm doing a third one, but I'll be using Flash this time. It'll go on for about 12 hours and it's a good chance to stop in, see how I work, ask questions and just hang out. Maybe even contribute a bit of input! I'll most likely have stuff like storyboards and audio recorded before I do the live stream though. I'll keep everyone informed.

Tonight the staff from Shamoozal will be getting together and doing a live podcast recording. I'll delve a bit into some more behind the scenes Shamoozal stuff, we'll play a few stupid games together and just shoot the shit. So if you have nothing going on this fine Saturday evening, we'll be streaming that live starting around 9 - 9:30. Stop by and say hi... or stop by and heckle us if you want. It's your choice.

Thanks guys.

Oh, and here's a link to Frankensteiner:

And a link to the Podcast: l-radio-podcast-tv


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2009-10-03 17:56:15


for some reason that sounds japanese


2009-10-03 19:40:15

OH YEAH!! more shamoozal radio AWSOMENESS!!! sweet IM IN!!!!!!