Frankensteiner session LIVE @ 12est.

2009-10-24 08:53:31 by Shamoozal

edit: the feed is working like garbage so I stopped it for now. Sorry about that.

Hey everyone. Today I'll be spending a majority of my time working on a new "Frankensteiner" short, and I'll be streaming the entire work process live. It's a good time to see how I work (if you're curious) and just BS with other people. It'll start around 12est (probably a little earlier) and be streamed through Here's a link to the Shamoozal ustream page: l-radio-podcast-tv

This short will obviously NOT have the type of quality that the GFGames shorts generally do. The idea is for me to kind of rip through this thing as fast as I possibly can. The Frankensteiner shorts are made to look crude and aren't exactly the best animated. I'll step things up a slight bit compared to the old ones for this edition, but it's not going to be anything mind blowing technically.

Anyway, hope to see some of you there. It'll be a long day, so it'll be nice to have some people to chat with.


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2009-10-24 10:26:39

I love ustream