Read Only Memory series

2010-05-20 14:07:07 by Shamoozal

So I've been absent from NG for a while now. Sorry about that folks. Anyway, I started working on a new series of monthly shorts for called Read Only Memory. They're quick little jokes based on, you guessed it, Nintendo stuff. I've only done two of them so far, and wanted to share them with you.

I haven't put these on NG yet because I'm waiting to finish up a batch of them and create a whole Volume worth of shorts. So that should be here around August. Hope you guys like them!

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2010-05-20 14:14:42

Heeey Giggas! Theese shorts aren't bad :) Looking forward to the "big volumes"


2010-05-20 14:15:54

I LOVE that little intro sound clip from Earthbound. Hearing that made me love them before even watching :P Funny stuff!


2010-05-20 18:15:36

Where the fuck is my RAM.


2010-05-21 09:01:11

Eh... Shamoozal was much more entertaining.

Shamoozal responds:

I'm glad you think so! But sorry you're not digging this stuff.


2010-07-09 12:02:01

LOL can't wait for the rest!