Read Only Memory in the portal

2010-08-24 10:48:03 by Shamoozal

It's been a long time since I've uploaded anything to Newgrounds, so I'm happy to have something to share with people. You can find Read Only Memory over in the portal, along with more about it.

So, I'm sorry if there are people that miss the regular Shamoozal/GFGames shorts that we were doing for a little while there. I wanted to take a break from those shorts for a while and this project was offered to me to start on. Will Grey and Jacquo ever return? Yeah, maybe. Probably. I wouldn't count on it any time this year though.

Life has gotten much busier lately, especially with the birth of our twins. Animation has to take a back seat, but these ROM shorts haven't been too painful to crank out (though that Link one was a bit of an under taking all things considered).

These shorts are supposed to be done monthly. I won't be uploading them to the portal as I go along, only in these Volumes after so many are done. Unless people think I should upload them as I complete them? Not sure. I feel like they're stronger together, but maybe I'm wrong.

So anyway, thanks for reading!


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2010-08-24 15:24:28

Its great to see your life is doing well! Love the animations


2010-08-25 04:26:44

Well excussssssssssssssseeee me that was funny and awsome


2010-08-28 16:59:49

Who ate the pizza?!

It was him --> <(^v^)> (michael angelo)


2010-09-02 12:51:31

good for you man twins