Howard & Nester & Metroid

2011-03-07 21:49:48 by Shamoozal

So I have a new short that I wanted to post on the portal tonight, but I've run into some issues with it that are preventing me from doing that. Namely, my masks are completely falling apart in the swf, yet viewing it on the stage looks fine, and rendering out a PNG sequence is also fine. So, I'm kind of at a lose as to how to handle that.

Anyway, it's been a REALLY long time since I did a short. I'm starting another series of Read Only Memory (which you can find the first Volume of right here on NG) and this is the first episode in series 2. It's called Howard & Nester & Metroid and it's based on the old characters from Nintendo Power magazine. The idea is that it's a motion comic made as if it were still 1989, with a few other embellishments. So, here's the YT version!

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2011-03-07 23:17:01

Holy christ in a bejeweled purse your back!
nice to see an update from yeah.
i will definitely check out this short.
also good to hear from you again!



2011-03-07 23:18:39

On second thought...i regret seeing it XS