Full Hearts Gaming Marathon for Japan!

2011-03-18 21:33:48 by Shamoozal

Hey everyone,

I'm going to be helping out the site Elder-Geek.com with their gaming marathon for Japan. I'll be taking over shortly for the next few hours with lots of Sega Genesis gaming going on. Come on out and join us! Hope to see some of you there.



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2011-03-18 23:03:36

I don't understand how playing games gives assistance/raises money, but, I believe in you.


2011-03-19 10:09:24

Like Tyler, I do not understand the concept either. But I guess it doesn't matter as long it is for a good cause.


2011-03-19 14:33:08

Ads, I'd guess


2011-03-19 18:42:24

You raise money simply on donations from viewers.