Entry #30

Link's Triumph over in the portal

2012-12-31 15:03:43 by Shamoozal

Hey everyone!

I have just uploaded my latest short, Link's Triumph over in the portal. Please check it out!


I know it's extremely short, but I put plenty of time in effort into it. I think I've really pushed myself as far as my animation and artwork is concerned. It's been received rather well over on my YouTube channel and I hope that it goes over well here on Newgrounds.

I'm glad I was able to put this out RIGHT before the New Year. Feels good to be able to put this into 2012's accomplishments.

I hope everyone enjoys it and more importantly has an awesome New Year. Don't party too hard tonight!


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2012-12-31 18:04:53

Outline-less animation is hard and you did a great job in this one. Happy New Year!


2013-01-02 17:03:51

Hey is the song used for the ending available for download?


2013-01-14 12:33:07

very good