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Born Again Casual Live!

2009-02-24 20:49:19 by Shamoozal

So a buddy of mine and I are starting what we hope will be a weekly video game related webcast/podcast. We did one last week and it seemed to have gone well. We pretty much just shoot the shit a bit about the game industry for about a half an hour every Tuesday at 9 est. Stop by if you get a chance, we could use some people out here! l-radio-podcast-tv

Bid on a custom NES Pak for Charity!

2009-01-22 19:02:22 by Shamoozal

As some of you guys may know, the Shamoozal team got together in the middle of december to raise money for Child's Play charity. I made a custom NES "trophy" to give away as a prize during the event, but the winner has never claimed their item. I wasn't really sure what to do with it, so I decided to put the thing up on eBay with all the proceeds going to Child's Play charity.

So go check it out if you're interesed. iewItem&item=230321223922

Oh, and GFG#5 is finally in production, been a while huh? Thanks guys.

Bid on a custom NES Pak for Charity!

Shamoozal Radio Podcast Live!

2009-01-10 19:53:26 by Shamoozal

Hey guys, we're recording our latest podcast tonight and as always you can check it out on We're starting soon, and plan on going over some Shamoozal stuff, could be fun. Hope to see you there! l-radio-podcast-tv

Guys, come support our cause and help support Child's Play charity! Thanks! l-radio-podcast-tv

For anyone who enjoys our stuff, why not check out our live podcast? Before we put out our finished MP3 of SRP, you can always check us out live on ustream and get a little insight into what we do... and usually make fools of ourselves. Hope to see some of yas. l-radio-podcast-tv

Okay, so after yesterdays live stream (for pretty close to 12 hours) I finished off my Mario Paint... uhh... masterpiece? Anyway, I wasn't going to put it in the portal, but some of you guys said to do it, so I'm just listening to you guys. So yeah, you can catch it here:

I decided to throw in the original Frankensteiner as well. I highly expect this to be shat upon, possibly blammed, so go check it out before it goes away and gets buried. Hahaha.

Seriously though, a huge thanks to everyone who came out yesterday. We had an awesome turn out.

Okay, so today I'm going to be doing a live feed/stream while working on a new Frankensteiner short using Mario Paint. Yup, I have the good 'ol SNES all hooked up, and I plan on cranking out a pretty ridiculous short.

If you don't know what Mario Paint is, its an ancient SNES game/program where you can draw, animate and make music. Everything is really basic, so the challenge will be to try and get the most out of the program. Mario Paint is probably my animation inspiration and the reason I do Shamoozal shorts this day.

So anyway, if you don't know what Frankensteiner is, I suggest you check out Crapfest Force. It's a short that Jacquo created, with really terrible art and animation. So the format is going to carry over into here as well. I'm not going to be drawing pretty pictures, just having some good old fashion fun.

If you care to join, head over to our page where I'll be starting the feed sometime between 12 and 12:30 eastern time. Hope to see some of you there.

Since we can embed YouTube clips, here is the original Frankensteiner short separated from Crapfest Force (so you dont even have to watch the episode).

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Shamoozal's latest is done!

2008-10-03 16:16:33 by Shamoozal

Well those last 3 - 4 days of almost nonstop work were brutal, but now we have a nice little short because of it. Doing the live stream was cool, and it was great to see some of you guys show up and interact with, I'll have to do it again for sure. So anyway, the short (GFG#4) is up in the Flash portal, hope you guys dig it.

We're recording a podcast tomorrow night at around 8pm est, so if you want to hear a little more about the short and just Shamoozal in general, check it out, it tends to be a decent time.

Oh, and towards the end of this month (Oct 24th-ish) I'll be doing another live short. I'll be using Mario Paint (the old SNES game) to create a new Frankensteiner short (check out Crapfest Force to see what I mean). I'll write more details as it gets closer to the date.


This no working thing (and not getting paid thing) is starting to get to me a bit. But at least fans of the Shamoozal benefit from live feeds... I mean, I guess they benefit, right?

Yesterday went pretty well, and it was cool to see some new faces checking things out. As always, I try to field questions often, but I usually just get all caught up i n the work. Hope to see some of you guys there again! l-radio-podcast-tv

Live Streams throughout the week!

2008-09-30 13:42:57 by Shamoozal

edit: Thanks to everyone who came out. I'll be doing this again sometime tomorrow afternoon so pop back in if you're interested!

My first blog post on NG, would you look at that! Anyway, I have off for the week and I haven't worked on a new short all summer long, so I figure now would be a great time to try and bang one out. I'll be having live streams of me working on the new short, GFG#4, throughout the week, so you can check in from time to time. I'll field questions if people have them, but don't get too angry if I can't get to a request. I've embedded the feed, but if you head over to the show page, you can log in to chat. l-radio-podcast-tv

Edit: Whoops, looks like I can't embed uStream on here. Sorry folks.